A space for everyone.

Founded in 2018, Open-Source at Illinois is a growing hub of students passionate about technology.

Whether you're a computer wizard running a custom Linux distribution or a laid back Apple user, you'll find stories, people and experiences here that will keep you coming back.

Meet the Team

Soham Kulkarni


Hi! I’m Soham, and I’m a Junior majoring in CS. I’m super passionate about new technologies and using them for social good. That’s one of the reasons why I love open-source software. I'm really good at making dad jokes and building things with code, so if either of those interest you, I'm more than happy to hang out and chat :)

Arnav Shah

Vice President

Hi! I’m Arnav. I’m a rising junior in Computer Science minoring in business. I want to develop mixed reality software for healthcare. Outside CS, I like playing Tabla, drums and soccer. Excited to work with you on Open-Source!

Prakhar Gupta


I'm Prakhar, an incoming freshman. I'm going to be majoring in Electrical Engineering and will be staying at ISR this year. I play the guitar and enjoy listening to hip-hop music. I'm also into cooking and a bit of basketball. I'm excited to be a part of Open Source at Illinois this fall, and I can't wait to get started!

Anagha Tiwari


Hello everyone :)) I’m a freshman majoring in CS & Statistics. At Open Source at Illinois, I hope to be a part of a welcoming and supportive environment where we can collaborate with one another to create projects and contribute to the open source community! During my free time, I love taking walks, playing cards, swimming, working out, and eating and eating spicy food!

Max Fan

Contributions Lead

Hi! I'm Max and I'm a sophmore majoring in CS + Philosophy. I have a variety of interests, including chess. I believe in building and contributing to transparent, free, and open source software. Open source software is essential for an equitable, open, fairer world.

Akshata Tiwari

Membership Director

Hi everyone! I am a freshman studying Computer Science + Economics this fall. I love to paint, play poker, work out, and try different foods. I am excited to explore campus opportunities, programs, and cool RSOs while meeting new friends along the way, and I can’t wait to become part of the open source community with all of you!

Athena Fung

Outreach Director

Hi there! I’m Athena and I’m a junior studying CS from California. I’m intrigued by the ubiquitous influence of computer science and technology in so many fields, and am particularly piqued by the intersection with medicine and healthcare. Aside from academics, I love hiking, growing plants, and hanging out with friends :)) Glad you’re here to contribute to open-source and make an impact!