Documentation for Open-Source at Illinois

Meetings & Events

Meeting information will be updated on the calendar page

Open-Source at Illinois also runs workshops and the Open-Source Showcase, where faculty and students are invited to show off their software projects.


Run /netid <your_netid> on Discord to verify your affiliation with the University of Illinois.


Run /attend <code> to mark your attendance. The <code> is given out in the middle of the meeting, and will automatically award you points for attendance.

Point System

This Fall, we're piloting a new point system to recognize and appreciate our members' efforts towards the club.

  • You can see how many points a meeting is worth by running /events on discord, or on the calendar page

  • See how many points you have by running /points on Discord

  • In general, normal meetings are worth 10 points; Socials, workshops and other events are worth 15-30 points.

  • You can also earn points by verifying your netID on discord (5 points) and visiting our Quad Day booth (5 points).

  • Crossing a 40 point threshold makes you an "active" member and enables you to run for leadership positions at Open-Source at Illinois


Our projects and other software assets (including this website) are hosted on Github.

Access to join the Github organization is given to contributors of Open-Source at Illinois projects.

Illustration about meetings