Documentation for Open-Source at Illinois

Who we are

OSAI is a community of people passionate about transparent technology. We're a low time-commitment, no-stress organization on a mission to spread the open-source philosophy at UIUC.

Through events, workshops and socials, we're commited to creating value through technical, social and professional development opportunities.

Staying Updated

Mailing List: Stay updated via email by filling out this interest form

Website: All up-to-date event information can be found on the calendar page

Discord Watch the #announcement channel on Discord for latest information. We'll also share polls, highlights and other news here.

Core API Our core API powers our discord bot and website, and is free for you to integrate with any other applications.


Run /netid <your_netid> on Discord to verify your affiliation with the University of Illinois.


Run /attend <code> to mark your attendance. The <code> is given out in the middle of the meeting, and will automatically award you points for attendance.

Point System

This Fall, we're piloting a new point system to recognize and appreciate our members' efforts towards the club.

  • You can see how many points a meeting is worth by running /events on discord, or on the calendar page

  • See how many points you have by running /points on Discord

  • In general, normal meetings are worth 10 points; Socials, workshops and other events are worth 15-30 points.

  • You can also earn points by verifying your netID on discord (5 points) and visiting our Quad Day booth (5 points).

  • Crossing a 40 point threshold makes you an "active" member and enables you to run for leadership positions at Open-Source at Illinois


Our projects and other software assets (including this website) are hosted on Github.

Access to join the Github organization is given to contributors of Open-Source at Illinois projects.

Illustration about meetings