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Illustration of Open-source Software

Open-source software runs our world. From supercomputers to traffic signals and everything in between.

At Open-Source @ Illinois, we take a deep dive into the engineering, ethics and philosophy that deeply impact the technological world. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we're excited to have you.

How do I get involved?

Open-Source at Illinois holds weekly meetings and special events throughout the year.

To get started, just join our discord server. To stay updated, add the open-source calendar.

Learn. Collaborate. Create.

Open-Source at Illinois has a curated set of workshops you can do at your own pace. Learn and apply version control, REST APIs, static site generators, and more!

Collaborate with other developers and gain real world experience by working on our open-source club projects like Cherry and osai-bot.

Or, start your own project and leverage the Open-Source at Illinois community to guide you along the way

Illustration of Open-source Software
Illustration of Open-source Software

Workflow & Automation

We're on a quest to make the Open-Source at Illinois experience as easy and fun as possible.

Leveraging awesome tools like bots, webhooks and CI/CD helps us focus on our community and our mission to further the ideas of open source and information freedom.