Logistics at OSAI

Open-Source at Illinois is open to all current (full or part time) students of the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

We use Discord to automate our logistics and communication. You can find these commands below.

Meetings & Events

Fall 2022 Meeting Location & Times T.B.D

Meetings happen every week at a recurring time and place.

Open-Source at Illinois runs Open-Source Showcase a couple of times a year, where faculty and students are invited to show off their software projects.


Run /netid <your_netid> on Discord to verify your affiliation with Illinois.


Each meeting will have a unique code given out during the meeting.

Run /attend <code> to mark your attendance.


Our projects and other software assets (including this website) are hosted on Github.

Access to join the Github organization is given to contributors of Open-Source at Illinois projects.

Illustration about meetings